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Come and learn more about IO Visor at P4 Workshop

By November 15, 2015October 19th, 2016Blog

After a successful and exciting OPNFV Summit last week, you can learn more about IO Visor at the 2nd P4 Workshop by Stanford/ONRC on Wednesday, November 18th. At 3:00pm I’ll discussing how IO Visor and the P4 language are ideally suited for each other in the session, P4 and IO Visor for Building Data Center Infrastructure Components. During this session you’ll see in action a programmable data plane and development tools simplifying the creation and sharing of dynamic “IO modules” for building your data center block by block. These IO modules can be used to create virtual network infrastructure, monitoring tools and security frameworks within your data center. You’ll also learn about eBPF, which enables infrastructure developers to create any in-kernel IO module and load/unload them at runtime, without recompiling or rebooting.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you all at P4 Workshop this Wednesday.

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