As part of Linux Foundation, IO Visor Project implements open governance model and leverages best practices from other leading open source initiatives. The Project uses open source license and open source repository for code management.  IO  Visor Project has a governing board, technical steering committee, and marketing steering committee to support and build the community.  IO Visor Project is open to everyone, and we look forward to having you join us! For more information on IO Visor Project bylaws, please see the Bylaws and Policies section of the site.

Board Members:

Milin Desai

Milin Desai is VP of Product Management of NSX at VMware. 

Yunsong Lu 

As the Chief Architect of Networking & Virtualization Group, Yunsong is responsible for the technical direction of virtual networking at Huawei. In this role, Yunsong is driving corporate-level projects leading seasoned global engineering and technology team members across the company to deliver key innovations.  Yunsong and his team designed and delivered crucial virtual networking technologies including Elastic Virtual Switch(EVS) and S-DNA(Software-Defined Network Acceleration) framework, which have been the fundamental and differentiating building blocks of Huawei’s Cloud, SDN, and NFV products and solutions. He is also leading Container-based Application Networking which will deliver high performance, application-to-application network monitoring, and network SLA. Yunsong has been an advocate of open source communities for many years. Prior to Huawei, Yunsong worked on Solaris Networking at Sun Microsystems and Oracle.