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IO Visor Project refers to a collection of open source components which combined together help you build IO Modules that can be used to build networking, security, tracing and any other application functions in your datacenter. IO Visor brings Universal IO Extensibility to the Linux Kernel and gives IO developers the ability to create applications, publish them, deploy them in live systems without having to recompile or reboot a full datacenter. It satisfies the needs of the infrastructure developers community helping build any IO for current and future datacenters:

  1. Common ways to develop and share new IO and networking ideas to keep up with rapidly evolving requirements of SDx, Cloud, NFV, IoT.
  2. Programmable data plane abstraction and development tools that allow developers to innovate on top of different HW and SW engines.
  3. Open, flexible, distributed, secure, and easy to operate IO and networking on any physical infrastructure.
  4. Flexible technologies enabling any stack to run efficiently.

IO Visor Project provides a programmable data plane and development tools to simplify the creation and sharing of dynamic “IO Modules”. At its heart is IO Visor_Engine, which is an universal in­-kernel IO Virtual Machine that provides run­time extensibility. IO Visor_Engine has a set of IO Visor_Plugins to provide functionality to different areas. Under IO Visor Project, you’ll get a set of development tools called IO Visor_Dev_Tools and a set of management and operations tools of the IO Visor_Engine called IO Visor_Tools. For more information how to use and build IO Modules using IO Visor toolkit, please go to

With this framework and toolkit, you can build IO_Modules on top of the IO Visor framework for security, networking, tracing or any other area of interest.