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Bylaws & Policies

IO Visor Project follows the Bylaws of the Linux Foundation where applicable.

The IO Visor Project Charter is below:

IO Visor Project Charter 

Mission of the IO Visor Project

  •    Create an open source, technical community that industry participants may easily contribute to.
  •    Facilitate adoption and use of the IO Visor technology for a programmable data plane.
  •    Include participation of leading end users, solution providers and network application developers to ensure the IO Visor Project meets the needs of the ecosystem.
  •    Host a neutral infrastructure for the open source project and provide structure around the business and technical governance to enable broad community participation.
  •    Advance a shared collective set of models, definitions and best practices


  •    The IO Visor Project shall be composed of Platinum, Silver and Participating Academic Members. All Platinum and Silver members must be current corporate members of The Linux Foundation at any level to participate in the IO Visor Project.
  •    Platinum Members, Silver Members and Participating Academic Members shall be entitled to:
    •     Participate in IO Visor Project meetings, initiatives, events and any other activities; and
    •     Identify their company as a member or participant in the IO Visor Project.
  •    Platinum Members shall be entitled to appoint a representative to the Governing Board, the Marketing Committee and any other committees established by the Governing Board.

 Governing Board

  •    Composition:
    •     One representative appointed from each Platinum Member; and
    •     One Silver Member representative elected annually by the Silver Members for every 5 Silver Members; with at least one representative and no more than three.
  •    Responsibilities:
    •     Approve a budget directing the use of funds raised from all sources of revenue;
    •     Elect a Chair of the IO Visor Project to preside over meetings, authorize expenditures approved by the budget and manage any day-to-day operations; and vote on decisions or matters before the Governing Board.

 Technical Steering Committee

  • Composition:
    •     One appointed representative from each Platinum Member; and
    •     Each project maintainer; anyone can participate on the TSC by contributing to the technical community and becoming a maintainer.
  • Responsibilities:
    •     Coordinating the technical direction of the IO Visor Project;
    •     Approving individual projects and designated maintainers according to a project lifecycle document to be developed by the TSC;
    •    Communicating with external and industry organizations concerning IO Visor Project technical matters;
    •     Appointing representatives to work with other open source or open standards communities;
    •     Voting on technical matters relating to the code base.

  Marketing Committee

  •    Composition:
    •     One appointed representative from each Platinum Member; and
    •     One non-voting representative elected by the Silver members as a class.
  •    Responsibilities:
    • The Marketing Committee shall be responsible for designing, developing and executing marketing efforts on behalf of the Governing Board.


  •    While it is the goal of the project to operate as a consensus based community, if any decision requires a vote to move forward, the Governing Board members shall be entitled to vote on a one vote per representative basis.
  •    Decisions by vote shall be based on a majority vote only when sixty percent (60%) of the Governing Board representatives are either present or participating electronically.
  •    In the event of a tied vote, the Chair shall be entitled to submit a tie-breaking vote.

  Antitrust Guidelines

  •    All members shall abide by The Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy available at
  •    All members shall encourage open participation from any organization able to meet the membership requirements, regardless of competitive interests. Put another way, the Governing Board shall not seek to exclude members based on any criteria, requirements or reasons other than those used for all members.


  •    The Governing Board shall approve an annual budget and never commit to spend in excess of funds raised. The budget shall be consistent with the non-profit mission of The Linux Foundation.
  •    The Linux Foundation shall provide regular reports of spend levels against the budget.

  General & Administrative Expenses

  •    The Linux Foundation shall have custody of and final authority over the usage of any fees, funds and other cash receipts.
  •    A nine percent (9%) General & Administrative fee will be applied to funds raised to cover Finance, Accounting and operations.
  •    General Rules and Operations.

  The Governing Board shall:

  •     Demonstrate plans and the means to coordinate with the open source project’s developer community, including on topics such as branding, logos, and other collateral that will represent the community;
  •     Engage in a professional manner consistent with maintaining a cohesive community, while also maintaining the goodwill and esteem of The Linux Foundation in the open source software community;
  •     Respect the rights of all trademark owners, including any branding and usage guidelines;
  •     Engage The Linux Foundation for all press and analyst relations activities;
  •     Upon request, provide information regarding project participation, including information regarding attendance at project-sponsored events, to The Linux Foundation;
  •     Engage The Linux Foundation for any websites directly for the IO Visor Project; and
  •     Operate under such rules and procedures as may from time to time be approved by the IO Visor Project Governing Board and confirmed by The Linux Foundation.


  •    This charter may be amended by a super majority vote of all Governing Board members, subject to approval by The Linux Foundation.  A super majority vote is defined as a vote in favor by 70% of the Governing Board, ignoring any abstentions.