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The IO Visor Project is an open source project and a community of developers to accelerate the innovation, development, and sharing of virtualized in-kernel IO services for tracing, analytics, monitoring, security and networking functions. It builds on the Linux community to bring open, flexible, distributed, secure and easy to operate technologies that enable any stack to run efficiently on any physical infrastructure.

As an open community, IO Visor Project brings together developers from ISVs, OEMs, semiconductor, end users, and academia. The Project team members actively contribute code to the Linux kernel to deliver enhanced flexibility and performance.

As a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, IO Visor Project’s mission is to create an open source community where participants may easily contribute to and adopt the Project’s technology for an open programmable data plane for modern IO applications.

The IO Visor Project will work with an ecosystem of open source communities to bring enhancements that benefit any application that needs virtualized in-kernel IO. We are committed to providing a collaboration hub to share ideas, models, definitions, and best practices. We hope you join us as we revolutionize the future of Linux IO!