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eBPF extended Berkeley Packet Filter

The IO Visor community has created many excellent sources of information and samples on eBPF from beginner to advanced levels.


IO Visor Github contains many documents uploaded by developers here:

In addition, many resources are available at the following sites:

A description of Linux socket filtering function with BPF in

A presentation by Alexei Starovoitov of Facebook:

An introduction to IO Visor, BPF and BCC by Brenden Blanco of PLUMgrid:

A presentation by Brendan Gregg of Netflix on using eBPF to solve Linux performance issues:

A presentation by Thomas Graf of Cisco:

Presentations, video by Daniel Borkman of Cisco:

Presentations on eBPF and tracing by Sasha Goldshtein of Sela Group:

An introduction to Linux kernel tracing and eBPF integration by Viller Hsiao:

A presentation by Gary Lin of SUSE Labs on eBPF overview and its use in tracing:

A paper published on Sigcomm by Z. Ahmed, M. Alizai, and A. Syed:

An overview to IO Visor and eBPF by Affan Syed of PLUMgrid:

A presentation of eBPF on the mainframe by Michael Holzheu of IBM:


Samples can be found on IO Visor Github and also at the below links:

Man Pages: