The IO Visor community has created many excellent sources of information and samples on eBPF from beginner to advanced levels.


IO Visor Github contains many documents uploaded by developers here:

In addition, many resources are available at the following sites:

A description of Linux socket filtering function with BPF in

A presentation by Alexei Starovoitov of Facebook:

An introduction to IO Visor, BPF and BCC by Brenden Blanco of PLUMgrid:

A presentation by Brendan Gregg of Netflix on using eBPF to solve Linux performance issues:

A presentation by Thomas Graf of Cisco:

Presentations, video by Daniel Borkman of Cisco:

Presentations on eBPF and tracing by Sasha Goldshtein of Sela Group:

An introduction to Linux kernel tracing and eBPF integration by Viller Hsiao:

A presentation by Gary Lin of SUSE Labs on eBPF overview and its use in tracing:

A paper published on Sigcomm by Z. Ahmed, M. Alizai, and A. Syed:

An overview to IO Visor and eBPF by Affan Syed of PLUMgrid:

A presentation of eBPF on the mainframe by Michael Holzheu of IBM:


Samples can be found on IO Visor Github and also at the below links:

Man Pages: